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At BLS Yola, you will come to discover that living a fulfilled life is much more than just mastering a skill and acquiring a great job. Even though we will equip you in those areas, our main goal is to facilitate the process by assisting you to discover your true vocation – that is “CALLING” in life as one of the Lutheran belief that every vocation is a calling to serve God and our neighbour. Courses are taught by experts in their fields.
To do that at various level, we run the following programmes:

i. Diploma:
The Seminary has two categories of training at this level namely; Diploma in Christian Education and Diploma in Christian Ministry. The DCE is designed to be a professional course meant to introduce students who wish to be professional Christian Educators. While DCM is specifically design for those who wish to enter into the ministry of the WORD and SACRAMENTS in the body of Christ.

ii. Undergraduate:
At BLS we believe that a Seminary should be a habitation for a transformative experience for students – one that equips an individual both in character and charisma. You will discover your calling and seek to pursue that through one of our courses that are rooted in Lutheran intellectual tradition which lead to a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Religious Studies (B.A C.R.S), Bachelor of Theology (B.TH), and Bachelor of Arts Education Christian Religious Studies (B.A Ed. C.R.S) degree.

iii. Postgraduate:
As one of the postgraduate Seminary in Nigeria, BLS possesses a rich legacy of discovery and academic accomplishment in advanced scholarship. The Seminary offers diverse postgraduate programmes as follows:
Master of Theology (M.TH), is for those seeking to master a particular field in theology, which already have a first degree in theology. It is a combination of coursework and research pattern of training. Masters of Divinity (M.Div.), is for those with a first degree or its equivalent from any field of studies but wishes to acquire knowledge in the field of theology and those with a Postgraduate Diploma in Theology. Then there is the Postgraduate Diploma in Theology (PGDT), design to introduce the student to the basics of theological studies and is for those with a first degree or its equivalent in any field of studies.


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